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We can provide you with a vegetation survey and assessment, as well as commercial tree & vegetation site clearance services

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Vegetation & Tree Services for Commercial Customers

Zirkon offers a wide range of tree and vegetation site clearance services. These are normally carried out in preparation for development projects, land management and habitat enhancement operations for construction clients, house builders and utility providers.

Our team of specialists are well-equipped and are fully qualified experts in safely controlling vegetation and trees within multiple environments across the UK, including public infrastructure and commercial spaces.

We offer a whole range of industry-compliant services, so please get in touch to see how we can assist with your upcoming project.

Sectors We Work With

Restoration & Regeneration
Ports & Costal Development

Our vegetation management services help clear sites in preparation for development or enhancement.

Areas of excessive plant growth found on a tract of land which has been acquired can become a significant obstruction, and will often need to be controlled or cleared before development can proceed.

Vegetation and trees can clutter areas of land, and may even block vehicles or people from gaining access to certain areas. These obstacles can slow down the entire development process, and prove costly for developers.

Vegetation site clearance provides an effective solution to avoid these costly obstructions to development and to avoid delays in project timelines. Additional services which Zirkon offer include the chipping and mulching of wood, as well as stump grinding, as these can help ensure material removal costs are minimised.

There are several laws in place relating to tree felling, vegetation clearance, and invasive species management, which is why we recommend consulting with experts to ensure you remain in compliance with these laws, and with best practices.

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