Commercial Japanese Knotweed Removal

Our commercial knotweed removal techniques are fully compliant with legislation, are cost-effective, and are tailored to your site’s requirements.

We help commercial clients like you to develop on land that is known to be affected by Japanese Knotweed, operating quickly and efficiently in order to secure your site against further knotweed growth and begin the process of elimination.

After more than 10 years of successfully removing Japanese knotweed, Zirkon was created as part of the evolution and commercial expansion of TP Knotweed Solutions to provide a service tailored to commercial properties and development sites. We understand the time constraints associated with commercial projects, and so our team aims to work seamlessly within your schedule to ensure there are no delays to your project timeline.

Our commercial Japanese Knotweed removal specialists have been successfully removing all traces of Japanese Knotweed for several years, covering a multitude of locations throughout the UK. We serve a wide range of industries and have been trusted by construction companies, retail outlets, industrial units, local authorities, property managers, and more throughout the years.

Looking to remove Japanese Knotweed from your site?

If Japanese Knotweed has been identified on a site, any development investors, mortgage lenders and stakeholders need to be informed. Most lenders will require a guarantee to be put in place in case the knotweed returns.

Once Japanese Knotweed has been identified, the Japanese knotweed will need to be removed completely by a professional before any work can begin or continue. It is important that developers use expert Japanese Knotweed contractors who will provide a quick and efficient method of removing Japanese knotweed, to ensure the development project timeline doesn’t get delayed.

To avoid taking action against invasive species like Japanese Knotweed on land you’re developing can prove costly in the long run, as it could cause serious damage to your property, and result in legal action if it spreads to neighbouring properties. By using a commercial Knotweed removal specialist with extensive knowledge of effective knotweed removal plans, you can control your site’s problem.

Our commercial knotweed removal techniques are fully compliant with legislation, are cost-effective, and are tailored to your site’s requirements. With a proven track record and use of the latest technology, we provide the highest level of service, ensuring projects are completed within budget and your desired timescales.

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Commercial Knotweed Removal Methods

It’s essential to choose Japanese Knotweed removal contractors who will identify the right commercial Japanese Knotweed removal method for your site, to have the best chance of success, and guarantee the Knotweed is permanently removed and does not return.

Having the correct method identified the first time will save unnecessary efforts, costs, and delays to project timelines. Below are the commercial knotweed removal methods Zirkon offers:

Commercial Knotweed excavation involves the physical excavation of contaminated soils, ideal where the discovery of Japanese Knotweed has halted property developments or extension work. Excavation must be carried out by a recognised and experienced specialist to ensure legislation is complied with and that soil is disposed of at a licensed landfill facility.

Following successful excavation and off-site disposal, you are provided with a 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee, from a leading insurer, which becomes valid once the excavation works and monitoring period has been completed on-site.

Development work can commence as normal once the site is finished being remediated. Typically an excavation can take 1-2 weeks to complete and are monitored on a bi-annual basis for 2 years following completion to ensure no re-growth occurs.

commercial japanese knotweed timeline

Herbicide treatment is the least disruptive treatment, however, may not be suitable in certain circumstances where the ground may be disturbed.

During this method of commercial knotweed removal, herbicides are applied to the top and underside of the leaf, this is absorbed and carried into the plant. The herbicide within the plant takes effect, and over a period of time kills the plant at its base. Time varies depending on different factors, taking effect from as little as 4 days, up to a few months.

Repeat applications of herbicide cause the plant to become stunted and reduce its capacity to photosynthesise and therefore regenerate. You can expect to have control over the Japanese Knotweed infestation over the course of 3-5 years.

This method also provides an Insurance Backed Guarantee, valid once the treatment programme has been completed.

commercial knotweed herbicide treatment

Soil screening involves the excavation and removal of Japanese Knotweed material from the ground. A selection of different sized metal screens and conveyors are then used to separate the knotweed rhizome (Root material) from the soil.

A handpicking station is then used to manually remove any remaining bits of rhizome from the soil. The screening process means that the amount of material taken off site is significantly reduced, resulting in lower costs for the client.

Zirkon can work with designers and engineers to ensure the waste soils are re-engineered in to the site correctly, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. Following successful excavation and on-site screening, our clients are provided with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee from a leading insurer, which becomes valid once we complete the excavation works on site.

on-site screening timeline

If your site has the space available we are able to excavate the infested soil and encapsulate it within a heat welded geo-textile membrane. A large burial pit is created (up to five meters deep) which is lines with a geo-textile membrane.

The clean soil is stockpiled while the infested soil is placed into the burial pit. The seams of the geo-textile membrane are heat welded to create a fully sealed “cell” with a minimum of two metres clean soil being placed on top of this cell.

Following successful excavation and on-site cell burial, our clients are provided with a 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee, from a leading insurer, which becomes valid once we complete the excavation works. Development and landscaping can commence within previously affected area/s, as soon as TP Knotweed Solutions have completed the cell burial works.

Cell Burial timeline

Where the space is available on a clients site, contaminated soil containing invasive plant species can be excavated from the affected area of the site and relocated to a different area of the site to be stockpiled.

Here, it can be treated on-site using herbicide treatments over a period of 5 years to kill any existing plants. The client would need to have a large site for this removal method and should contact TP Knotweed Solutions early on during the development so that we can advise further.

Our in-house CAD Technicians create detailed site plans to show the affected areas, proposed stockpile areas and also assist with decision making.

relocation timeline

Insurance Backed Guarantees 

All work that is undertaken by Zirkon includes a 10-year insurance backed guarantee, in line with industry standards. This provides our clients with the confidence that works have been carried out by an accredited specialist contractor and should any invasive plant re-growth occur following remediation, it is covered by our robust guarantee

With extensive experience remediating sites affected by Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed & Himalayan Balsam, we have grown to become industry leaders within the UK.

Zirkon has been created as part of the evolution and commercial expansion of TP Knotweed Solutions. You can rest assured that your site will be remediated to the highest standards and guaranteed for 10 years. The correct remediation strategy depends on the proposed use for the site and timescales.

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